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Incorporation of the Tin Board

The Tin Industry (Research and Development) Board (Tin Board) was established under Section 4 of the Tin Industry (Research and Development) Fund Ordinance No.58 of 1953, and has been in operation since 1954. In March 1991, the Ordinance was amended and published as a revised legislation entitled Tin Industry (Research and Development) Fund Act No.455 of 1953.



  • To stimulate, popularise and extend the consumption and uses of tin in order to benefit the interest of the tin industry in Malaysia.
  • To publicise and disseminate information on the production, characteristics and availability of tin.
  • To undertake other activities that will bring about benefits to the tin industry in Malaysia.
  • To help develop a fully integrated tin industry by promoting growth in the downstream tin-based industries.
  • To stimulate the consumption of tin in the tin-based products manufacturing industry based on the metal's techno-economic advantages.


  • Planning and formulating appropriate strategies for the development of the local tin industry.
  • Planning and formulating integrated research, development and publicity policies for advancing the local tin industry.
  • Providing techno-economic assistance and promoting technology transfer to the local tin industry.
  • Creating and developing the tin-based products manufacturing industry within an integrated development of the local tin industry.
  • Organising other support activities that would further enhance the development and proactive image of the tin industry.

Client Charter

  • Provide specialist advisory service on the entire spectrum of the tin industry.

  • Strengthen the close relationship between the mining industry and Government.

  • Promote and enhance the development of the tin-based manufacturing industry in Malaysia.

  • Provide courteous service as well as accurate and current information to local and foreign visitors.

  • Disseminate accurate information on the current developments in the tin industry through factual and up-to-date publications.

  • Manage efficiently the Fund containing the cess collection to ensure it is used effectively for the development of the Malaysian tin industry.

  • Ensure that all publicity, research and development (R&D) activities meet the present and future needs and requirements of the tin industry and the nation.



  • The above Act provides for the collection of cess on export of tin from Malaysia. It also establishes a Fund into which money collected as cess is to be paid into. The Act also establishes the Tin Board to administer and manage the Fund for the purpose of funding research, development, publicity and other activities for the benefit of the Malaysian tin industry. Effective July 2013, the tin cess collected was fixed at the rate of 40 sen per kilogramme of tin concentrates exported.